February 14, 2007

"thou thing of no bowels, thou!"

House Democrats' New Strategy: Force Slow End to War. By John Bresnahan

Top House Democrats, working in concert with anti-war groups, have decided against using congressional power to force a quick end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, and instead will pursue a slow-bleed strategy designed to gradually limit the administration's options. ["Slow bleed." Words cannot express the contempt I feel for these animals. One could have a morsel of respect if they bravely stood up and voted for what they claim to believe. But this is just despicable.]

Led by Rep. John P. Murtha, D-Pa., and supported by several well-funded anti-war groups, the coalition's goal is to limit or sharply reduce the number of U.S. troops available for the Iraq conflict, rather than to openly cut off funding for the war itself.

The legislative strategy will be supplemented by a multimillion-dollar TV ad campaign designed to pressure vulnerable GOP incumbents into breaking with President Bush and forcing the administration to admit that the war is politically unsustainable. [Correction. They are deliberately trying to MAKE the war "politically unsustainable," because they put their hunger for political power above the needs of the nation. The short description for this is treason.]

As described by participants, the goal is crafted to circumvent the biggest political vulnerability of the anti-war movement -- the accusation that it is willing to abandon troops in the field. [Which it is.] That fear is why many Democrats have remained timid in challenging Bush, even as public support for the president and his Iraq policies have plunged. [They want America to lose the War on Terror, but Bush to get all the blame. They were traitors in 1974, and they have now "morally advanced" to the status of "cowardly traitors."]

And notice that nowhere do we hear of any POSITIVE or constructive Democrat plans or proposals for dealing with Islamic terrorism and the other problems we face. Or rather, notice how one hardly notices it at all! We are used to it. No one expects anything positive from the Dems.

They are hoping America loses in the same way Vietnam was lost---with the millions and millions of people they caused to be murdered or imprisoned conveniently offstage, not noticed by a low-attention-span population. They are animals.

Posted by John Weidner at February 14, 2007 8:47 PM
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