February 6, 2007

Palestinian refugees...

Syria refuses to help refugees driven from Iraq
By Eric Silver in Jerusalem

More than 700 Palestinian refugees who have been driven out of Iraq are stranded in squalid tented camps on the Syrian border. Damascus is refusing to let them in, despite the wintry conditions and limited supplies of food, water, fuel and medicines.

"This is a human tragedy," Tayseer Nasrallah, head the of the refugee affairs committee in the West Bank city of Nablus, protested yesterday. Other Palestinians charged the Iraqis with ethnic cleansing. Officials in Ramallah said at least 180 Palestinians had been murdered in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Human Rights Watch reported last week that only 15,000 of the 34,000 Palestinian refugees living in Baghdad before 2003 were still there. "They are harassed by the Iraqi government and are targeted by Shia militias because of the benefits they used to receive from Saddam Hussein's government and their perceived support for the insurgency in Iraq," said the New York-based organisation...(Thanks to Orrin)

Remember this when leftists go on and on about the "human rights violations" by Jews against Palestinians. Arabs have done a thousand times worse to them without us hearing any fakery about human rights. Jordan killed 10,000 of them in 3 days, and the sort of Western leftoids who sport kaffiyas had no problem with that at all. Kuwait booted 30,000 of them out of the country in 1992, and nobody shed any fake tears for the poor Palestinian refugees...

Also, if you are tempted to feel like the Palestinians are innocent victims here, remember that Saddam was paying a bounty on Jews of $15,000 a head---and none of these "Palestinians" seem to have any qualms about accepting the loot. (Nor did any of our fake-pacifists protest about it.)

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