January 26, 2007

clear message...

Charlene remarked, when I got up this morning, that nothing much encouraging is going on, but that it's good to read people like Hugh Hewitt. He writes today...

....Time and again the Republican caucus has gone wobbly, and yet it seems to wonder why the roof fell in.

Republicans like their elected men to act like Reagan and their elected women to act like Thatcher: Principled, firm, sunny and full of resolve. "We win. They lose," was Reagan's prescription for the Soviets, and it ought to be the GOP's prescription for Iraq and the far greater war beyond. That is the clear message of the rightroots, and it isn't hard to hear, even for senators wearing Beltway earmuffs.

Please print off some Pledge Cards and pass them around. if you are headed to the National Review summit, take a stack. Be sure to hand them to passing senators. Tell them the lefties are outraged --a very good sign....

We are the good guys. They are the bad guys. We win. They lose. Once you get that, then you can and should consider the nuances and shades of grey, and criticize our own side when we make, as flawed humans always do, mistakes.

We are chips tossed in a nihilist sea. Without that sort of basic moral clarity, we are simply lost. And no amount of "seeking" will ever find anything. (And the situation in the religious sphere is precisely analogous.)

Posted by John Weidner at January 26, 2007 7:05 AM
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