December 17, 2006

Cowards who won't debate...

I think Jimmy Carter is the perfect exemplar of contemporary American leftism.

He writes a blatantly pro-terrorist book, claims it's meant to "provoke debate," claims that schools with Jewish students won't invite him to appear...and then, when he gets an invitation to appear AND debate at a little place called Brandeis—perhaps you've head of it?—he refuses to go because he won't debate with someone—a little guy named Dershowitz, perhaps you've heard of him?—who is too "ignorant" to be worth talking to.

Right. OK. "'That ain't my style,' said Casey. ..."

It reminds me of those Democrat politicians back in 2002 solemnly intoning: "We need to have a national debate on Iraq!" As if no one was talking about the subject, and they were brave souls daring to mention the unmentionable.

So, if they had really wanted a debate, what would they have done? What does one do? You present your position, with all its attendant facts and logic. You challenge people to show you where you are wrong, or to present better ideas. You. Start. A. Debate. Which is exactly what they didn't want. And didn't do. They didn't want a debate, just as Carter doesn't want a debate.

And ever since then we've been hearing lines like, "We've never had a national debate on Iraq." What pure BS.

I am very sensitive to this because, in my much much smaller sphere I've been trying to debate lefties about Iraq and a variety of other subjects, and I've never succeeded. Since November 2001! And I know there are at least a few chomskys paying attention, 'cause if I make a mistake they appear and cry "Gotcha!" and puff themselves up as if they had delivered a crushing blow to us "Rethuglicans." Imbiciles. Moral cowards. Babies.

Posted by John Weidner at December 17, 2006 5:40 PM
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