December 12, 2006


Thomas Sowell:

....The issue before the High Court is whether local authorities have the legal right to make students' race a factor in deciding which school to assign them to attend.

The parent of a white student is complaining because he is not allowed to go to the school near where he lives but is instead being assigned to a different school far away, in order to create the kind of racial mix of students the local authorities are seeking, in the name of "diversity."

Those of us old enough to remember the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education will see a painful irony now, since that case began because a black girl was not allowed to go to a school near where she lived but was instead assigned to a different school far away, because of the prevailing racial dogmas of that day.

The racial dogmas have changed since 1954 but they are still dogmas. And flesh-and-blood children are still being sacrificed on the altar to those dogmas....

You can really learn a lot about the sick reality of this by focusing on that one word, "diversity."

It goes back to the Bakke Case, where Justice Powell's decision opined that while schools could not use racial quotas, they could use diversity as a factor in admissions. Back then the word "diversity" had a diversity of meanings. It might have meant religious, economic or political diversity. It might have meant a diversity of skills, or talents or backgrounds. But our lefty pals immediately seized upon the word, and, with extreme dishonesty, changed its meaning to racial diversity. In fact, to racial quotas.

And that's what it means to this day. If your school has a "diversity coordinator," that means a person who attempts to implement the correct racial quotas. (And who decides what is "correct?" Left-wing activists, with no input from people like you and me.)

And none of this is intended to help minorities. It is all about self-appointed "elites" getting to bully people, and feel superior, and destroy the local communities which stand between people and their would-be masters in the state. And above all, the diversity gauleiters love it that we don't get a vote...

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