November 19, 2006

Quotable, as always...

Peter Burnett, writing about two interesting articles about Africa:

...As the excellent post below explores, modern liberalism has descended from an empirical challenge to ossified tradition and orthodoxy in the name of individual freedom and tolerance to an angry fundamentalist creed that is further and further removed from fact and evidence--and proud of it. Just as American success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions counts for nothing in the face of the symbolism of it’s rejection of Kyoto, so the AIDS industry keeps going to extreme lengths to pretend U.S. policy is anti-condom and based on a sniffy notion that any death from AIDS is just desserts for the immoral.

The reason, of course, is that just as the climate change controversy is more about halting Western prosperity than anything to do with climate, so tranzi AIDS programmes battle any suggestion that individual sexual behaviour can and should be controlled. Preventing disease is secondary to de-linking sex and morality. Motivated partly by a collective nihilist self-hatred, partly by a deep and profound racism and partly by rote anti-Americanism, they seem to be approaching the point where they would have us believe that, even with unlimited free condoms, the AIDS virus can be transmitted mysteriously to the celibate and faithful as punishment for their dangerous religious thoughts...

"an angry fundamentalist creed." Yes. Why? My guess is that it's because leftists are in the truly perilous spiritual position of believing something they don't believe. The liberalism/socialism that is the basis of their system has failed in so many ways that they don't dare to examine their ideas, or enter them in the lists to be debated. Or even say what they are! Yet they have to keep fighting for their ideas, as if they were believers, lest the abyss open beneath their feet. They are sort of nihilists, yet are in a worse position than nihilists—if you simply believe nothing, you at least have the possibility of admitting that something is missing.

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