November 18, 2006


I thought this was interesting; Bush may not be quite the beached whale Democrats hope he is...

Bush Choice for Family-Planning Post Criticized
By Christopher Lee Washington Post Staff Writer 11/17/06

The Bush administration has appointed a new chief of family-planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services who worked at a Christian pregnancy-counseling organization that regards the distribution of contraceptives as "demeaning to women."

Eric Keroack, medical director for A Woman’s Concern, a nonprofit group based in Dorchester, Mass., will become deputy assistant secretary for population affairs in the next two weeks, department spokeswoman Christina Pearson said yesterday.

Keroack, an obstetrician-gynecologist, will advise Secretary Mike Leavitt on matters such as reproductive health and adolescent pregnancy. He will oversee $283 million in annual family-planning grants that, according to HHS, are "designed to provide access to contraceptive supplies and information to all who want and need them with priority given to low-income persons."

The appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation, was the latest provocative personnel move by the White House since Democrats won control of Congress in this month’s midterm elections. President Bush last week pushed the Senate to confirm John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations and this week renominated six candidates for appellate court judgeships who have previously been blocked by lawmakers. Democrats said the moves belie Bush’s post-election promises of bipartisanship.

The Keroack appointment angered many family-planning advocates, who noted that A Woman’s Concern supports sexual abstinence until marriage, opposes contraception and does not distribute information promoting birth control at its six centers in eastern Massachusetts...
[Ha ha. What fun to imagine all the little chomskyettes biting into THOSE lemons!]

It is important to note that there is a nasty bit of deception included here by our betters in the Old Media. While it's true that nominations must be resubmitted after a long recess, this rule can be over-ridden by the Senate. And in fact, as Matthew Hoy recently explained, it normally has been in the past, as a routine part of Senatorial courtesy. Bill Clinton never had to re-submit his nominations! It is the Dems who are making a provocative partisan move here. And they are filthy liars to imply otherwise.

And it's purely twisted for Dems and their media understrappers to imply that it is odd or wrong or "provocative" for a conservative President to nominate conservatives. (Or for the President of a Christian nation to nominate Christians.) Innuendo must serve when you don't dare argue the issues or the facts.

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