November 16, 2006

The real Christians...

I haven't written about the SF School Board's decision to end the Junior ROTC Program in our high schools. It's just another example of our local left-wing bigotry, too depressing to want to think about. But this caught my eye, from the Chron:

...The board's decision was loudly applauded by opponents of the program.

Their position was summed up by a former teacher, Nancy Mancias, who said, "We need to teach a curriculum of peace.''...

No, it's NOT a "curriculum of peace." It's a curriculum of leftist anti-Americanism. A curriculum of appeasement.

When leftists use the word "peace," you can be 99% sure that a lie is coming. They don't care about peace at all, except as a useful club to bash America and her allies. Kim Jong Il can kill millions in death camps and by starvation without disturbing their oily equanimity. But if America even suggested it was going to liberate those poor wretches from Stalinism we would suddenly hear about how terrible war is, and how it never solves anything!

Related point: Another lie that infuriates me, is that any such military action would be referred to as "bombing." As in "Why are we bombing Iraq?" American forces routinely put our men at risk precisely to avoid the sort of thing that is meant when leftists say "bombing." Think of our guys fighting house to house in Falluja. We could have exterminated all life in that town without a single American casualty, if we had bombed it flat. We didn't even consider it. Same is true of the Israelis in Jenin. (And the bombing we do do is now astonishingly precise, and our bombs and shells grow ever smaller and less destructive. Some don't even contain explosives. Leftists never give us credit for that. They are living a lie.)

And our troops accept this, accept it as their duty. I've read many accounts of Americans at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and never have I heard of our own people suggesting that we should use mass bombing to save American lives. And, a considerable percentage of our soldiers are Christians, and accept these sacrifices as a Christian duty. They accept the possibility that they themselves may be killed or wounded to save the lives of strangers. I would call them the true Christians of our time. And the term for those who stand on the sidelines and sneer, and preen themselves on their ritual purity (from the defilements of violence, non-organic food, war, American-made cars, eating meat, and actually getting their hands dirty fighting evil)?...the term for them is Pharisees.

Posted by John Weidner at November 16, 2006 9:16 AM
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