November 10, 2006

I can just see the miasma lifting

Annoying Old Guy writes:

...many of the nation's problems, domestic and foreign, will be solved in the next few months as far as Old Media is concerned. The economy will blossom, foreigners will like the USA better, Congress will do more, better. The impeachment proceedings and investigations won’t be petty politics but a necessary clean up of the government. The general miasma that depressed the nation will lift. It will be a subtle but pervasive effect, lasting until at least Nov 2008...

And the rising real estate prices that hurt the middle class (along with the falling real estate prices that hurt the middle class) will turn around and become signs of cheer and cause for hope! Both of them. Probably simultaneously.

And, even better, the descent of the nation into fascism will be slowed or stopped! Children will sleep safely, knowing that Cheney's blackshirts won't break down the door and haul mommy and mommy off to the re-education camp....

Posted by John Weidner at November 10, 2006 4:20 PM
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