October 30, 2006

He thought Reagan was a softie...

Andrew Ferguson has an article in American Standard on the weird situation of Dems and James Webb, Tangled Webb: Cognitive dissonance in Virginia. ... Really bizarre. And very funny, to think of those poor angst-oozing Eloi voting for a guy who resigned in protest from the Reagan administration because Ron was going soft, and not spending enough on armaments!

...Dreema Fisk, an Arlington poet and retired schoolteacher, told me she'd heard that Webb had once been a member of the Republican party--a group with which, she said, she was tragically familiar. "I come from West Virginia," she said, "and I discovered last time that my entire family back home voted for Bush." She shook her head and kneaded her hands. "I cried all night." (Ha ha. Suffer, granny. That's gotta be the funniest thing I've read this month! But it kinda makes you wonder about Amendment XIX.)

She said she was a Quaker. I asked her whether she'd read any of Webb's war novels. "Are they violent?" she asked. "Maybe I should read one."

Among those Arlingtonians who do know more about Webb, enthusiasm is often muted. As chairman of the County Board a decade ago, Ellen Bozman helped bring about Arlington's continuing era of Democratic dominance. At the party she told me that many of her acquaintances had expressed reservations about her candidate.

"I have friends who say they'll vote for him, but reluctantly," she said. "His service as a Reagan administration official, that bothers some people. And they worry--about other things."

"Like affirmative action?" I said.

"There are concerns here and there," she said.

"And guns," I said. "He's incredibly pro-gun."

"There can be reasonable differences Democrats can have," she said. "I had a cousin who had guns. He hunted. Of course, that was in rural Illinois."

"And the Confederacy. He really likes the Confederacy. He named his son after Robert E. Lee."

"One friend tells me she just won't feel right voting for him," Mrs. Bozman said. "I say, He'll listen. He'll learn."...

"I had a cousin who had guns. He hunted..." Geez. Give. Me. Strength.

I HOPE I am right in thinking that these useless cave fish are America's past, and not its future.

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