October 26, 2006

smears, a couple more thoughts...

I caught a little more of Rush just now, and he made two good points.

One, he reminded us about how Pope John Paul II had Parkinson's, and was suffering so publicly in the last two years of his life. Remember how people were saying that he ought to retire, or just get out of our sight? Or just sort of like, die and get it over with? Hmmm? Remember that? What I wonder is, how much overlap there is between those people and the ones who are now calling Michael J. Fox a "hero" for suffering in public?

Also, Rush pointed out that ads like Fox's are lying to sick people! There is in fact no reason to think that any ESC cures are around the corner.

Also, I would add, there is nothing wrong with Democrats making Rush their campaign issue. That's politics. But there's also nothing wrong with me, or him, heaping scorn and contumely on such tactics, and pointing out that these are the desperation moves of nihilists, who have no positive vision or program or philosophy to put forward...

They run against Bush, or against Rush Limbaugh (neither of them running for office) because there is nothing they are for.

Posted by John Weidner at October 26, 2006 12:48 PM
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