October 11, 2006

"they knew what was going on and did nothing"

I think the Foley affair is being blown up absurdly. Sleazy though his IM's were, any kid of today who uses the Internet has encountered worse. And the idea that boys old enough and sophisticated enough to become Congressional Pages are going to have their little psyches shattered if they encounter a gay predator—online, for pity's sake—is laughable. (And moral pomposity coming from the very people who fight tooth and claw to prevent the Boy Scouts from shielding 10-year-olds from the same thing...Well, color me unimpressed)

But let's, for the sake of argument, grant the Lefty premise—that Republicans through inaction for political advantage, have gravely endangered young people in their care. Let's stipulate to San Fran Nan's position, that homosexuality is so degrading that a male infant of 17's life is ruined if they *shudder* encounter it. Shouldn't the same criticism be leveled at a certain other party that's delayed for the same reason? John Fund writes, in OpinionJournal...

Politics is all about timing. Apparently, the liberals behind Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the group that received information about Mark Foley's sexual instant messages as far back as April, originally planned to unleash its blockbuster a bit later in the 2008 election cycle. The American Spectator reports that a political consultant with ties to the Democratic National Committee told the magazine: "I'm hearing the Foley story wasn't supposed to drop until about ten days out of the election. It was supposed to be the coup de grace, not the first shot."...

Should I point out the irony, or would that be insulting everyone's intelligence?

As always, I'm bored with the surface story and interested in what's underneath. I would say to those who are suddenly up on their pillars of moral outrage, what is your general philosophy on such questions?

What do you believe? About morality, that is? Where do these beliefs come from? Do you have a system or philosophy that can provide you with general guidance, so you could apply it to some new situation that comes up? Or is your outrage based on "Oh everybody knows that is wrong!"

And if the latter, have you ever pondered on the various things that "everybody" used to think were wrong, but now don't? What do those changes mean? Is there some stopping point at which we will stop discarding moral rules?

Of course I'm wasting electrons here. No Leftist dares to open such worm cans.

Posted by John Weidner at October 11, 2006 8:12 AM
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