October 10, 2006

Magic thinking.

Apparently there are appeasers who are saying that if only Bush had not made his Axis of Evil speech, we wouldn't be having problems with North Korea!

Unbeleivable. I think this is an example of what psychologists call "magic thinking."

I would simply be laughing, and heaping scorn and derision on this, except that one starts to wonder if our civilization is simply doomed, if ostensibly intelligent and serious people can be so stupid and craven and blind.

Bush was RIGHT. Neo-cons and theo-cons were right. Even the paleo-cons were right on this one.

And there's something even more stupid, if that's possible. these guys believe that negotiations are the solution to our problem, right? And what is the basic posture for successful negotiating? Do I have to SPELL THIS OUT, for any liberals who may chance upon this post???

IF you want negotiations and other non-violent solutions to succeed, then you present a united front. You present an appearance of confidence and strength. Right? If the WaPo is negotiating with its unions, it would be appalled if an editor revealed that they felt like they were in a weak position and would have to yield a lot. He'd be, rightly, FIRED.

So when we see leftist opinion leaders constantly undercutting the administration, at the very time we are trying to solve these ticklish problems without opening new military campaigns in the war, we can safely conclude that they don't want the United States to win.

They don't. They simply don't. What they want is for us to lose, in a manner similar to Vietnam. Then they will hit the electoral jackpot, and the COST, like in Vietnam, will be merely be millions of brown-skinned people dying, conveniently offstage, where the fake pacifists and fake anti-war activists and opportunistic leftist politicians don't have to smell the millions of rotting corpses that they are responsible for.

Posted by John Weidner at October 10, 2006 10:02 AM
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