September 28, 2006

Who would have dreamed...

A new poll of Iraqis shows that al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are rejected by overwhelming majorities of Shias and Kurds and large majorities of Sunnis.

Shias have mildly positive views of Iran and its President, while Kurds and Sunnis have strongly negative views. Shias and Kurds have mostly negative views of Syria, while Sunnis are mildly positive. Shias have overwhelmingly positive views of Hezbollah, while Kurds and Sunnis have negative views.

The poll was conducted for by conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland and was fielded by KA Research Ltd. / D3 Systems, Inc. Polling was conducted September 1-4 with a nationwide representative sample of 1,150 Iraqi adults.

It may be easy to assume that as the Iraqi people become more supportive of attacks on US-led forces (see LINK TO WPO ARTICLE 1), they may grow warmer toward al Qaeda—the probable source of a significant number of attacks on US forces. However, this does not appear to be the case. Al Qaeda is exceedingly unpopular among the Iraqi people.

Overall 94 percent have an unfavorable view of al Qaeda, with 82 percent expressing a very unfavorable view.....
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Who would have thought, who would have dreamed five years ago that we would be scrying the tea-leaves of opinion polls taken right in the very heart of the Arab World! Taking them seriously!

This is a stupefying fact, and what is even more astonishing is that we live in an age where it can just be taken for granted. (Reason #1826 why Leftists discourage the study of history.) FDR led us in similar transformations of Japan and Germany and Italy, but at the hideous cost of hundreds of thousands of deaths—millions if you include the other side—and cities turned to ash and rubble as far as the eye could see.

George W Bush does the same thing at a trifling cost (Yeah, yeah, call me insensitive. But our Iraq combat death rate is not much higher than our usual non-combat death rate for our military as a whole. And minor compared to 40,000 Americans dying each year in automobile accident.)

And FDR left millions of hungry children picking through oceans of rubble for scraps, and forced tens of thousands of their mothers into prostitution to feed them, or themselves. And he's called a hero!

President Bush is excoriated because he didn't fix Iraq's sewers fast enough!

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