September 25, 2006

Society for the Prevention of Annoyances to the Rich...

Debra Saunders: Limousine liberals, move over. You've been out-glammed by Lear Jet liberals who burn beaucoup fossil fuels in the sky as they soar across the globe fighting global warming.

Last week, they flew to their Mecca, the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York. For the left-leaning and loaded, this is the meet that has it all -- the mega-rich paying to be seen caring about poor people and the environment, while posing for photos with former President Clinton....

But you know, this stuff really isn't new. I've been reading a most charming book, Belloc's Path To Rome, about a pilgrimage he made somewhere around the year 1900, on foot, from France, over the Alps and down Italy to Rome. I noted this line with great pleasure...

...I went with him to the Society for the Prevention of Annoyances to the Rich, where a certain usurer's son was to read a paper on the cruelty of Spaniards to their mules... (p. 154)
Doesn't that just capture most of the lefty causes and Bike-Path Liberals that burden the world today?

Belloc portrait by Zach Brissett
(Sketch by Zach Brissett)

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