September 22, 2006

Keep this in mind..

Mohammed at Iraq The Model:

...Anyway, it looks like the reaction of Muslims were not as violent or as bloody as the leaders wished them to be and that's why they're now provoking and yelling at the "sleeping" masses and pushing them to show more fury.

They want to add another big scene to the countless previous ones—angry mobs burning flags and pledging to destroy the "infidels".

Actually their latest calls for MORE ANGER are becoming pretty much like begging. Iran thinks the Muslim people fell short of doing their duty and Qaradawi calls Muslims to have a "day of fury".

All these are theatrical acts directed by governments and corrupt clerics seeking controlled anger among the mobs to use in intimidating the west and discouraging it from applying more pressure on, or calling for changing, these tyrannical regimes....[emph. added]

Whatever the reality of Islam may be, it is stupid to think that what's publicly displayed by the news media is the reality. (That isn't even true here--35,000 people demonstrated against Iran in NY on Wednesday, and it was almost totally unreported by the "news" media.)

The tyrants and terrorists of the Islamic world are trying to paint a certain picture, because the thing they fear most is having Condalezza Rice come knockin' at the door, come to talk about elections and reforms.

And they are closely allied with our own corrupt would-be elites---Democrats, journalists, pacifists, liberals---who have their own empires of nihilism to protect. Arab despots and pony-tailed professors hate and fear George W Bush for exactly the same reason. Because he is both the symbol and the reality of the tides of change that are lapping at their sandcastles.

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