September 22, 2006

Because you are not golden enough...

Pedro wrote yesterday, in a comment here, "...but consider: Communism, the great killer of the 20th century, is dead. Once the Jihadists have been vanquished - a twenty year task, but we shall prevail - I think the main enemy of Man will be the militant humanity-hating greens. And once we're through with them, paradise. I'm very optimistic long term. The Golden Age is at hand...

My, response was:

Sorry Pedro, I'd love to agree, and I used to rather agree, but lately I just can't. I more and more find myself in agreement with Henri de Lubac, who said that the evils of the 20th Century: Communism, Socialism and fascist Socialism (and their new imitator, Jihadism) are ALL products of the project he labeled "Atheistic Humanism." Which is to say, trying to create paradise without the help of God.

We've repented of Hitlerism, and (very half-heartedly) of Communism, but the underlying error is still very much the "religion" of our times. So I expect that things are going to get worse. And that the "worse" may well be ever more subtle and disguised, and may look rather like a "golden age," unless you happen to be one of the victims who is expendable because you are not golden enough.

Solzenhitzyn wrote that the borderline between good and evil runs through every human heart. I think he nailed it...

As if to give me a bit of confirmation, this morning there's this (Thanks to Orrin)

BRITONS suffering from depression could soon be legally helped to die in Switzerland if a test case in the country’s Supreme Court is successful next month.

Ludwig Minelli, the founder of Dignitas, the Zurich-based organisation that has helped 54 Britons to die, revealed yesterday that his group was seeking to overturn the Swiss law that allows them to assist only people with a terminal illness.

In his first visit to the country since setting up Dignitas, the lawyer blamed religion for stigmatising suicide, attacking this “stupid ecclesiastical superstition” and said that he believed assisted suicide should be open to everyone.

“We should see in principle suicide as a marvellous possibility given to human beings because they have a conscience . . . If you accept the idea of personal autonomy, you can’t make conditions that only terminally ill people should have this right,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton.

“We should accept generally the right of a human being to say, ‘Right, I would like to end my life’, without any pre-condition, as long as this person has capacity of discernment.”....

I could fisk this in a dozen different ways, but if you can't see it yourself, you won't with my help....

* Update: By the way, I'd LOVE to be proved wrong in all this. Make my day; demolish my arguments!

Posted by John Weidner at September 22, 2006 7:41 AM

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