September 16, 2006

Left by the side of the road...

Orrin Judd, on this piece by Jonah Goldberg, and on other writings of the NRO gang:

...The neocons and libertarians have never quite gotten a grasp on how little their concerns matter to the conservative party, which nominated and elected George W. Bush, largely over their objections, to cut taxes, move the country to the Right on moral/social issues, and implement Third Way entitlement reforms that would maintain (indeed increase) the size of government but transfer responsibility for the money government collects from bureaucrats to citizens.

They're so bent on pie in the sky that they're unaware of the tectonic shifts beneath their feet, from public school vouchers to free trade to HSAs to civil service reform to the special relationship with India to retirement reform to the Faith-Based Initiative to stem cell research limits to the sunset commission to federal income tax revenues hitting their lowest level since 1950 and so on. Not all have required major congressional action and the entire agenda hasn't been enacted--SS privatization, for instance, requires more GOP senators, not fewer--but the revolution is much further along than anyone would have dreamt possible in January 2001...

I'd say that's about right. I am, in my sympathies, a small-government conservative myself, but it's folly to imagine that that idea is ever going anywhere. It never happens. Whereas there are Bush clones winning elections all over the globe. There's even one running neck-and-neck for Prime Minister of Sweden, for pity's sake!

We subscribe to National Review, but I hardly read it or NRO anymore. It's boring. Jonah and Co. are almost as much in the bypassed-by-history class as leftists are.

Posted by John Weidner at September 16, 2006 11:47 AM
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