September 13, 2006


Peter Burnett:

...Want to have some fun? The next time you and your fellow conservatives are gathered together and having a merry old time discussing the WOT, the decline of the family, welfare reform, etc, wait for a pause and then launch into a tirade against the execrable quality and corrupting influence of modern music. Before your very eyes you will see everyone start to squirm and strategize how to shut you up until after the next election. Their body language will scream: “Why can’t this wingnut just stick with The Rapture?” Alan Bloom succeeded in belling the cat and living to tell the tale, but almost everyone else who dares to say what we all know perfectly well is marked as a spent force who would be well and compassionately advised to just go on home quietly and die.

Nothing captures the sheer horror of the modern decline more than trying to introduce your iPod-addicted twelve year old to the classics, only to have him snap back that his taste is every bit as good as yours while his glaring mother stands by clasping the telephone number of the child protection authorities....

I'm very lucky to have children with some musical taste. (And far more musical abilities than their father. It comes from Charlene's side.) We drive them to school in the morning, and while they do not, at that time of the day, talk, they do like to listen to our local classical station.

Betsy recommends:

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