September 8, 2006

I would hate to try to write satire in this age...

Diogenes found this. Apparently it is not a joke...

Gavin Young has a M.A. in Systematic & Historical Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. A second M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from The Franciscan School of Theology, also in Berkeley. His undergraduate work was in German, with a minor in English. Gavin is a certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Alliance.

Mr. Young has worked at Christie's and Doyle New York in New York City as an appraiser and specialist in 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts, and taught at Jesuit High School in Sacramento, CA, prior to earning his certification as a Life Coach. He has published several short stories and is currently working on a book about praying the Psalms.

Mr. Young's spiritual path has been rich and varied leading him from the Presbyterianism in which he was raised, through agnosticism, New Age spiritualities with Wiccan and Pagan influences, and back to Christianity through Roman Catholicism with strong Quaker leanings. He's identified most firmly as a progressive Christian humanist and ecumenist, who attempts to promote "critical thinking and intellectual honesty."

Gavin is a 29 degree Taurus with Cancer Rising and an Aries Moon. His Meyers-Briggs rating is either INFJ or ISFJ and he is a Two (The Helper) on the Enneagram. His soul and personality card in the Tarot deck is the Hierophant V.

He passed through Roman Catholicism (with strong Quaker leanings?) to Christianity??? Jeeze Louise, give me strength. My enneogram machine's goin' beep beep beep.

All I can say is, when terrorists are putting guns to peoples heads and demanding conversion to Islam, have I got a feller for them...

Posted by John Weidner at September 8, 2006 3:49 PM
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