August 31, 2006

Shoddy research. Shall we say, "fake but accurate?"

Dean Esmay, on the The Wegman committee's report on the 'Hockey Stick' analysis on recent global climate change...

....I was literally aghast at the Wegman group's report. It makes it clear that only a tiny handful of researchers are at the center of most research and most public policy recommendations on climate change, and that practically no one outside this tight little clique-ridden community is in charge of reviewing their work. They all simply review each other's work--and now literally dozens of papers in the field, along with general practices and procedures in the field, have been independently reviewed and found deeply flawed.

Worst of all, although the Wegman report does not say this openly, anyone who knows how taxpayer funding of science recognizes this (and it is all over the Wegman report by inference): Practically all the taxpayer funding for this climate research, much of it clearly shoddy, is controlled by this same Good Ol' Boy Network with practically no independent review, who simply "peer review" each other in a not particularly anonymous way while they dole out each other's grants and approve each other's papers....

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....At bare minimum, damning accusations have been levelled at Dr. Mann, and by extension, just about everyone associated with him--who turn out to be dozens of important people who've co-authored papers with him, or conducted peer review on his work.

This, again, from research that was a core part of the IPCC report telling everyone in the world--important politicians and the general public--that catastrophic global warming was real and probably human-caused and required extensive and very expensive public policy changes to address. All of it put together by the same tiny little social network of equally self-interested researchers, with two or three cliques pretty much at the center of everything (with "clique" being mathematically and precisely defined by the Wegman group, no less!)....

You don't have to be a scientist to smell a rat in the climate-change research. Academics frequently produce "research" that just happens to fit their world-views and their political allegiances. We see it all the time.

Hey, I've got research! Numbers and graphs! And guess what. The world is dooooomed unless I and my friends and my political allies are put in charge and given extraordinary powers to make changes and tell everybody what to do.

"Back off man, I'm a scientist"

Posted by John Weidner at August 31, 2006 10:57 PM
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