August 28, 2006

Political strategies...

Michael Barone writes, in A GOP Terror Bump, on how the London bombing plot arrests, and other news, is shifting public opinion towards the Republicans...

....As it happens, the London arrests came almost exactly 24 hours after antiwar candidate Ned Lamont, flanked by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, claimed victory over Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary. The Lamont victory -- and the rejection of the party's 2000 vice presidential nominee -- sharpened the contrast between the two major parties.

One, it seems, would withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible without regard for the consequences -- an initially popular position for those who consider our effort there either misbegotten or hopelessly bungled. The other, it seems, would stay the course until we achieve our goals -- one that may become more acceptable if people come to think that withdrawal would not make us safe. The London arrests seem to have accelerated this thought process.

Polls since the London arrests suggest what has been happening. Bush's job approval was up significantly in the Gallup Poll, usually the most volatile of national polls, and the Democratic margin in the generic question (Which party's candidate for the House would you vote for?) was sharply reduced. There was a similar trend in generic vote in the Rasmussen poll, which is ordinarily much less volatile than Gallup....

Democrat strategy is based on voters being stupid, and terrorists being smart (smart enough to lie low for a while so that the parties they are in symbiosis with can get elected). This strategy may be clever in the short term, but over a longer time-horizon, it will likely fail. [Hey, Andrew Cory, did they teach you this in your poli-sci classes? Or did they leave it to be picked up in the real world? i.e. R.J.]

Actually, to some extent, it's the sheer ignorance of the voters that derails the Democrat plan. Imagine Jane Q. Citizen arriving at airport security with a carry-on bag, and being told she has to toss her shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner and moisturizer (!) in that new trash bin! She should blame Bush, right? But, her expensive education just slid off her back, and she doesn't know that the Jews are pulling the strings, she doesn't know that the "Israel Lobby" and Cheney's "Big Oil" cronies are aligning us against the legitimate aspirations of the Wretched of the Earth.

Being female, she has a certain predisposition towards appeasement, but...that moisturizer...frightening...maybe we really are at war. Maybe she should vote for some real men.

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