August 26, 2006

What links the crazy theories?

Ace has a good post on the insane leftist conspiracy theories claiming that the WTC was blown up by the CIA, the Jews, etc, etc.

What links all these conspiracy theories? The unshakable belief that there is no enemy except the US Government (except, perhaps, for the Mossad), and that heroism, patriotism, and a physical defense of one's country and one's very own life is a doomed venture hardly worth the candle.

Admitting there is an external, implacable, and deadly threat to us strongly implies we need to fight it.

But they've decided a priori that fighting is never the correct response...

I wasn't even aware that Flight 93 had been coming in for the same treatment! But it makes sense. Flight 93 is just as much a blow to left-think as the WTC. More, actually. Not only is there an "external, implacable, and deadly threat" to be denied, but even worse, the little people (probably WalMart shoppers) were not behaving like victims! They took matters into their own hands, and fought for their freedom. And, worst of all, the implication is, to anyone whose brain has not been numbed by leftist propaganda, that there are lots of other situations where people might spontaneously organize and take action without the consent of their betters.

No wonder Leftists are crazed and desperate...

Posted by John Weidner at August 26, 2006 6:20 PM
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