August 16, 2006

“Throw them in the oven”

Jamie Glassman, a comic writer, at the Edinburg Festival...

...There have always been anti- Semitic jokes. But you know times are changing when you go along to a stand-up show at the Pleasance Courtyard at the Edinburgh Fringe and you hear audience members shouting “Throw them in the oven” when the comic suggests kids should stop playing Cowboys and Indians and replace it with Nazis and Jews.

Stand-up comedy is as good a prism as any through which to look at the changing attitudes in our society. If my past few days are anything to go by then it is becoming increasingly acceptable to hate the Jews. Again....

...But what is going on in Edinburgh now is no satire. For me, Hughes represents a growing trend among left-thinking people in this country and around the world to accept as dogma that those on the Left should hate Bush, Blair, American imperialism, Israel and, while we’re at it, the Jews. It is a cultural trend that I’ve found increasingly evident but never before has the Jew-hating element been so overt. This week has confirmed that my Jewish paranoia is not entirely unfounded. As the old saying goes: “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”....(Thanks to

Wake up, fools.

Something I see over and over is, you one only be a "decent Leftist" by not extrapolating. By refusing to see trends. I have no doubt there are lots of good people on the Left who deplore this sort of thing. Well, that's fine. But I bet that almost all of them assume this is a situation that is static, that won't go any farther. If you prod the they always reply with "of course" lines. Of course no one will take this any farther. Of course there are no slippery-slopes. It's in bad taste, but of course it's not serious. Of course we are not on the side of the terrorists. Of course you can criticize Israel (obsessively) without being anti-Semitic...

Wake up, fools.

Posted by John Weidner at August 16, 2006 07:46 AM
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