August 15, 2006

Same old...

Saul Singer in the JPost:

Here is my grand unified theory of the history of the universe:

democracies show weakness;
dictators are emboldened and attack;
democracies respond slowly, insufficiently, or appease;
dictators are further emboldened and attack harder;
democracies win;
start over again...

This is not original stuff. Alexis de Tocqueville knew it in 1835. Winston Churchill said as much in 1933....(Thanks to Betsy N)

Not much to add to that. Save that I've read that the appeasers of the 1930's were not just weak, but that many of them considered appeasement a virtue! Sounds familiar, doesn't it?, like today's pacifists, they were happy to toss the Jews out of the sleigh first. and were stupid enough to think that was making them more safe, rather than less....

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