August 13, 2006

"into the lazy dog days..."

Great piece in the Washington Post, on the American side of the recent terrorist plot foiled...

It was the last week of July, heading into the lazy dog days of official Washington, but Michael Chertoff was suddenly busy.

The homeland security secretary discreetly asked subordinates about plans developed months or even years ago, focused on aviation safety, threat levels and other minutiae. In briefings, he quizzed staffers about responses to an aviation threat: What was the default plan for going to "orange alert"? What items can we ban from airplanes if we need to?

Those taking the questions -- including many of Chertoff's closest aides -- had no idea what was really going on, two senior counterterrorism officials said....

The secrecy involved was extraordinary. Read about it. Why secrecy? Only one reason folks, because we have traitors. People for whom the only "war" is the war against the Republicans and President Bush. Traitors who would gladly leak this information to the NYT, which would spill the beans in an instant. You think I'm crazy? Think back on Judith Miller calling that Islamic "charity" to tell them they were under investigation.

And the case involved massive amounts of all the things leftists and the ACLU want to stop or hinder. Wiretapping, Internet surveillance, surveillance of young Moslem males and their "social networks," and what the were shopping for, such as GPS devices,

...More than 200 FBI agents and scores of analysts and other personnel would be assigned to the operation in late July and early August, mounting dozens of clandestine surveillance and search operations on individuals with possible links to the London plotters, officials said. Among the individuals were people who had been called or e-mailed by suspects or their relatives and acquaintances, as the FBI combed through layers of the group's "social network" inside the United States...

That's what it takes. Abe Lincoln did exactly the same stuff, and much worse, for the same damn good reasons. Lafayette Baker was tapping telegraph wires instead of e-mails. And snatching suspects in the night and tossing them into Old Capitol Prison, to be squeezed for information much harder than the Bush Administration even dreams of. And Lincoln didn't even think about warrants. Ditto for Wilson and FDR.

And none of it did any damage to our civil liberties, which have been increasing steadily over the entire course of our history. The civil liberties concerns are just a foul lying excuse to attack the administration; leftists never minded the same stuff when Democrat Presidents, including Clinton did them. Sanctimonious frauds.

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