August 10, 2006

Wave bye-bye...

Charlene woke me up early, said I'd want to read the news. Wow. No kiddin'. Hey, do ya think we are in a war, or something?

Bad day for some folks. We move down the River of Time, and wave bye-bye to those frumpy people with their graying pony-tails and "No War blahblahblah" signs who are stuck on the mud-bank. They are gone, they are melting into the mist...

Of course they will actually still be with us, but more and more they will be like, say, people who are still counting sightings of flying saucers.

When I was a bookseller, I used to sell a children's book titled A Hole Is To Dig. (It had funny children's definitions, such as "toes are to wiggle" or "a hat is to wear on a train.") There's another one that keeps running through my brain: A war is to win.

That's the inescapable logic of war. Somebody wins, somebody loses. There is a modern variant, invented by our "peace" types, which goes: "Let's keep war going for decades and centuries, so nobody loses their Self Esteem." But, sorry, it doesn't work. All they have done is to nourish and nurture the terrorists to the point where more and more people are forced to say, "it's us or them."

Bad day for the Copperheads--they were wrong. Good day for George and Tony--they were right. Thank you! Thank God for leaders who understand that this is a war. And a war is to win. Faster, please.

* Thoughts added as they occur: If my logic is correct, and if we really are in a war, then a "warmonger" is someone who wants the war to end, who longs for peace. And a "pacifist" is someone who wants the war to continue. I'll just sit here and hold my breath waiting for this to be refuted with facts and logic by some pacifist...

* And what a nasty irony, that this should happen the day after the Copperheads repudiated just about the only leader they have who has given unequivocal support to AMERICA'S War on Terror. Thanks, pals, for making it sparkling clear who's on the other side.

Posted by John Weidner at August 10, 2006 6:57 AM
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