August 8, 2006

Green up to the border...

Ralph Peters is with the IDF in Lebanon--good stuff...(Thanks to Alan for this link)

...We finished the day by falling back from the tanks and personnel carriers to climb to the top of Mount Adir.

The sweeping view made the difference between the warring civilizations as stark as could be: On the Israel side, the world was green. Then, abruptly, at the border, the landscape went brown - neglected for centuries, wasted, trashed by a suicidal value system. Standing on that mountain and looking at the hard work evident on one side and the lassitude on the other, it wasn't hard to figure out who would triumph in the end.

As we stood on that mountaintop watching the Israeli fields ignited by errant Katyushas and the IDF artillery rounds smacking down in Hezbollah-world, I told Manny the secret of how to watch other people's wars: "No need to be afraid until the guys with the guns look afraid."

The one thing I never saw in the faces of the IDF was fear.

Why do they hate us (Israel or the US--plug in either one)? The gnawing poison-spitting flubber-worms (terrorists or leftists--plug in either one, same crew) hate us because it's green on our side. That's about all you need to know. Green because the elites, the "better sort," are not in control.

Posted by John Weidner at August 8, 2006 9:05 PM
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