June 14, 2006

one good piece of news...

SF Chronicle. (AP) --

A state trial judge on Monday overturned a voter-approved city ordinance that banned handgun possession and firearm sales in San Francisco, siding with gun owners who said the city did not have the authority to prohibit the weapons.

Measure H was placed on the November ballot by the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors, who were frustrated by a rising number of gun-related homicides in the city of 750,000. San Francisco recorded at least 94 murders last year, a 10-year high.

The National Rifle Association sued a day after 58 percent of voters approved the law.

In siding with the gun owners, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge James Warren said a local government cannot ban weapons because the California Legislature allows their sale and possession....

That's a morsel of good sense. Of course real good sense would have our local politicians actually doing something to reduce crime, say by imitating the successful efforts of NYC. Ain't gonna happen.

* Update: Bill Quick notes: By the way - the "alarmingly high number of gun-related homicides" worked out to about 8 per 100,000, the lowest rate of such crimes in comparable cities in the nation.

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