June 9, 2006

All the little parts work together...

I wrote a comment at Scott's place, and it grew rather long, and then I got a "fatal error" message, so, lazy fellow that I am, I'll just make it a post here instead... Scott wrote (about Republicans being "energized" by the gay marriage issue):

..I’m energized, you fools. By these things — immigration reform, cutting spending, energy policy, de-nuking Iran, the yes-it’s-still-here Global War on Terror, kicking the ass of working hard with the Iraqi government to build their country into a functioning democratic state…you know, the crap that makes a difference.

Oh, never mind…forget it…it’s an election year so nothing gets done in Congress that can’t be handled in 30 minutes. But I have to hand it to them. They at least swatted the time-wasting fly of freaking gay marriage, an issue that’s of vital importance to about 10 or 15 people....

My comment:

Scott, I think you are being obtuse here.

YOU have enemies (yes, you, lovable cuddly Scott C!) and they mean you harm, and they are very much for gay marriage. And not because they give a damn about gays--if gays all voted Republican they'd be dreaming of killing them by toppling walls on them, like the Taliban.

They want gay marriage because they want to break down ALL the structures that stand between individuals and the state. They are against the traditional family for the same reason they are against business (especially small businesses) and churches and the Boy Scouts and talk radio and Rotary and private charities and faith-based organizations and private schools and the Rule of Law (including Immigration laws) and the NRA...

They want to break down YOUR family, because they don't want you helping each other in time of trouble--that's the job of welfare departments and "social workers."

And much more than attacking families, the design is to make people like yourself, who tend to endorse all sorts of traditional American values, feel guilty and ashamed of being "bigots," and thus unwilling to fight for what they believe in. The template is the Civil Rights Movement, which put anyone who championed "old-fashioned" values or small government on the defensive, and tarred them with "racism." (That was the effect, though the true situation was often the opposite. But that's another tale.)

You are still, in the playbook of your enemies, a racist. You, Mr Southern white guy, are assumed to be Bull Connor (never mind that he was on the DNC). And the purpose of this has nothing to do with leftists actually giving a damn about blacks--if black Americans all voted Republican they would still be getting lynched by Democrats. The purpose was and is to make it easier to raise your taxes, or regulate your business, or make sure your children go to government schools to learn the right (i.e. Left) lessons, or hamstring the WOT.

All the disparate parts work together, and your enemies never forget it, not for an instant.

* Update: And, by the way, Phase Two is to make opposition to the gay agenda punishable by law, just as various forms of racism already are. This is happening right now in Europe, where pastors can be sent to jail for preaching that homosexuality is a sin. And again, it has nothing to do with helping gays. They will in the long run be harmed by the policies of the Left as much as any of us. Just as we see blacks being grievously harmed right now by the policies of the Democrat Party.

Posted by John Weidner at June 9, 2006 9:34 AM
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