May 29, 2006

O'Sullivan's First Law...

On the topic of the previous post, here's the "law" I was referring to:

(John) O'Sullivan's First Law states that all organizations that are not explicitly conservative become left-wing over time. [link]

Why? For the same reason that "student government" on any campus is always a hotbed of radicals, even if the mass of the students are not radical at all. NOBODY ELSE CARES! Not enough to spend vast amounts of time and energy taking over the organization. Most students just want to get on with life and studies, or possibly both. For the lefties, this is a chance to gain power and influence and make changes that the voters would never endorse at the ballot box. They are hungry for it. They will do the boring (in both senses of the word) work.

Also, running a group like AI feeds that ravenous hunger for superiority that exists in all of us. A hunger that can not be sated by the "success" of becoming Brand Manager for Cocoa Pebbles, or making Partner at your law firm. The people who started Amnesty International probably put in their stints helping run the group, but were soon happy to relinquish that drudgery to those who were hungry for it. Which means, people who want to get something more out of it than just the satisfaction of helping the poor prisoners.

I think the same kind of thing is possible on the conservative side, but it runs against the grain, and is not seen often. One can imagine a group that was formed to fight, say, trendy liturgical changes in their church gradually being taken over by people who want to oppose everything that has a leftish flavor. But it doesn't seem to be a big problem...Any examples?

Posted by John Weidner at May 29, 2006 10:35 AM
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