May 29, 2006

Do they "get it?"

The alligators usually eat Andrea's homework, but when they don't you get good stuff like this:

It is supposed to be an elitist canard to say that whenever something — a work of art, a philosphy, a rock group, a cuisine, anything — becomes popular, that something is, if not destroyed, than distorted out of its original shape by the desires and convictions of the members of the general public that have latched onto it. Well call me an elitist, because I believe it. Take the philosophical, moral, and ethical set of beliefs known as “conservatism.” It has lately become fashionable for young and not so young people whose public behavior and stated beliefs are anything but to declare themselves “conservative,” and to immediately set about applying that label to any of their favorite pastimes and notions.

An almost comically silly example is found in this blog post on Libertas by one “Dirty Harry.”.....Harry makes this astounding statement: What he represents is total complete and unbridled freedom. What could be more conservative than that?...

A softball, but she gives it a fine whack...

And I'd say she's right that rock music is not, and can not be, conservative. In fact what it desperately needs is to be outlawed, and driven underground. Then it might flourish again. I'm old enough to remember when it was still delightfully wicked, and just listening to it had a flavor of rebellion against boring grow-ups. Actually, my generation failed in our duty. We, and succeeding generations, should have grown up, discovered classical music and learned to hate Rock 'n Roll, thus allowing rebellious teenagers their proper sphere.

Instead we stupidly keep accepting every atrocity that comes along, and the poor little "rebels" are forced to run faster and faster to keep ahead of us. What a mess. Pretty soon rebel youth will have to start piercing themselves with barbecue skewers through the brain to get any king of buzz. Anyway, to be a conservative is to believe in Original Sin. You don't have to believe it as a religious concept, but you get it. You see it all around you. Somebody comes up with a plan to save the world or make us all happy, or just stop spam, and you say, "Oh Gawd, here we go again." Libertarians are not conservatives. Sorry guys, luv ya and all, but, no.

Maybe most of the problems we see in the developed world are the result of my generation starting the trend of not growing up. It certainly fits. And maybe that's just an inevitable result of prosperity and peace. Maybe the world is doomed. I walk around San Francisco, and see the grey-hairs still trying to be hip, and I think, We're doomed. Perhaps the conservative trend among younger people will save us, but do they "get it?" Like anything, if conservatism is to become a mass movement, it has to be debased and mass-produced. It's certainly better to mass-produce Conservatism-Lite, than to fudge-up the mass-market bohemianism that was the Hippie movement. Ugh. Things could be worse! But, this morning, I still think we are doomed.

Posted by John Weidner at May 29, 2006 9:02 AM
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