May 19, 2006

What war are the talking about?

The X-Mathematician points out that there is no Iraq War...

....But in the intervening time between then and now,
Iraqi voters approved an interim government
they drafted a constitution
Iraqi voters ratified the constitution
Iraqi voters elected a parliament
and, a government of Iraq has been formed.
Meanwhile, the US has maintained a troop presence in Iraq at the request of Iraq's government, to help ensure its security and survival against ongoing attacks from minority fascists and foreign infiltrators. That's what's going on now: we have a troop presence in Iraq,
at the request of their democratic government.

For some reason, this activity on our part (whether it's right or wrong) is still called "The Iraq War" by virtually everyone....

Sounds good to me. It doesn't make sense to call this a war...

Of course, my position is that there never was an Iraq War. Our invasion of Iraq was but one campaign within the Global War on Terror. Being at war, we have a perfect right to invade any enemy country, which in this case is any country that supports terrorists who have attacked American citizens, or citizens of allied nations. Saddam was guilty on both counts (and, most repulsively, was actually paying bounties for dead Jews.) So President Bush had the clear right to order Iraq invaded without asking anyone's permission, just as FDR ordered the invasion of French Morocco and Tunisia. We are at war, he's the Commander-in-Chief.

Of course, as a practical matter, he was right to consult with Congress. If for no other reason than to pull slithery Democrats out from under their rocks and make them sweat under the hot lights.

Another bit from X:

...How a person can simultaneously believe that (1) there is a civil war in Iraq and (2) withdrawing US troop presence from Iraq is equivalent to "stopping the war", without his head exploding, is beyond me...

Oh come on. Leftists did exactly the same thing with Vietnam. The "war was over" when America pulled out. The fact that South Vietnam was still fighting for its life (successfully, until our commie-loving Democrat Congress suddenly cut off supplies) meant nothing to them. The "war was over," and the fact that they were betraying millions of human beings to conquest and murder and concentration camps "re-education" camps, and millions of human beings to desperate flight as refugees, meant nothing to foul devils like Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry and the other ice-hearted animals of the Left.

Because, you see, The "war was over." We had peace. Wasn't that wonderful?

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