May 2, 2006


I happened to catch Rush Limbaugh first thing yesterday, when he was able to announce that his case had been settled...It was very good to hear.

It was NOT good to hear of the phony "Rush Limbaugh arrested" headlines. That was the reason the deal included filing one charge, which is not going to be prosecuted. Technically he's been "arrested for drugs," though effectively the case has been dropped. (And this was not a "plea bargain," by the way. Rush plead not guilty.)

Andrew C. McCarthy & Mark R. Levin write:

....Unlike most of us, who get to keep our private struggles private, Rush’s celebrity ensured that his would be played out publicly. With characteristic candor and humility, he admitted he had a problem. And he did it in a way that is rare today, although one that came as no surprise to those of us privileged to know Rush. He took real responsibility.

He didn’t pretend to be a victim. He didn’t blame anyone or anything—not even the pain. Instead, he forthrightly acknowledged what he regarded as a personal failing, although most of us would aptly see it as a common trap for those with painful medical conditions. Equally important, he didn’t just talk about his problem. He dealt with it, continues dealing with it, and is overcoming it.

From day one he has maintained he is innocent of any crimes. That assertion has stood the test of time, and it stands today as this shameful investigation ends.

We are former federal government attorneys. We’ve collectively spent decades in law enforcement and believe passionately in its professional, non-political, non-partisan mission. Thus, it’s with outrage that we note that, rather than quietly dropping this embarrassment of an investigation, the state attorney, Barry Krischer—a politically active liberal Democrat—has insisted on filing a charge which he well knows will never be tried. Insisting, that is, on further media churning of an allegation of doctor-shopping that he’ll never prove.

Rush is entering a plea of not guilty. The case will be dismissed in 18 months, when Rush completes the treatment he undertook on his own. There is no reason to file a charge that is without foundation and will never result in a judgment of conviction. But, under Florida procedures, this means a person is “processed.” That is, by this petty maneuver, Krischer has arranged for a mug shot of Rush Limbaugh.

Krischer ought to be ashamed of himself, and the people of Palm Beach County ought to be frightened by what passes for law enforcement in their neck of the woods....

The whole thing has been a travesty. Leftists can't debate Rush on a level of facts and logic and principle, so instead we get a political prosecution, and lots of sneers and innuendo.

Think about how many celebs you have heard of having drug problems (often from recreational drugs, not medicines taken for real pain). Are any of them hounded by prosecutors for years over a first offense? Even after they have voluntarily entered rehab? Or think of ordinary law-abing citizens in the same trouble--it happens all the time. Nobody's first offense is prosecuted like Rush's was.

If there were any honest leftists remaining, which there obviously are not, they would have been ashamed to be connected with this dirty work.

Posted by John Weidner at May 2, 2006 11:03 AM
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