May 1, 2006

Defer. Defer. To The Lord High Executioner...

Deborah Orin, NY Post: ....It's the ultimate in radical Stalinist chic - the Harvard Alumni Association's $636-a-night totalitarian luxury tour of a rogue nation where thousands are deliberately starved to death.

"Demonstrations of respect for the country's late leader, Kim Il Sung, and for the current leader, Kim Jong Il, are important," instructs the Harvard Alumni Association's tour memo.

"You will be expected to bow as a gesture of respect at the statue of Kim Il Sung and at his mausoleum."

Harvard even tries to pretend that bowing down to thugs is perfectly normal - explaining that it's because "North Korea, like every country, has its own unique protocols."...

Well, of course! In Rome you just gotta do as the Romans do. And back in Blue-State America they will do as Blue-State Americans do. Probably say things like: "I just can't BEAR to LIVE in a disgusting country like this, where murderers are executed after only 20 years of appeals."

....North Korea's "protocols" feature massive human-rights abuses, deliberate famine, concentration camps, religious persecution, gas chambers, likely genocide and trafficking in women and children....

But we shouldn't criticize them, because all cultures are equally valid. Not to mention having their "own unique protocols." That's very important.

.....Plus sending body snatchers to Japan and South Korea to kidnap children and force them to train North Korean spies. Satie Yokota, the mother of a Japanese girl kidnapped in 1977 at age 13 while clutching her racket on the way home from school badminton practice, calls North Korea "enemies of humanity." Now 70, she fears she'll die before she ever sees her daughter again....

But if we decided to liberate the victims of this monstrous evil, the fake-pacifists and fake-leftists would do their utmost to keep Kim in power, just like they tried to keep Saddam in power. And probably tell us with fake-piety that it is "wrong" and "futile" to use force to solve problems, while they themselves act as non-stop ENABLERS of brutally coercive regimes. (But that kind of force is OK, because it's anti-American.)

...Then there's the Stalinist personality cult - when the Harvard alums bow down, they'll be joining the national worship that requires every North Korean to wear a Kim Il Sung lapel pin or else.

Not surprisingly, the Harvard alums are also instructed to carefully censor their reading matter because "certain types of literature may not be allowed into North Korea."....

Gee, do ya think? But they will take a "principled stand" if anyone here suggests that pornography ought to be censored, or that CIA officials should not leak classified material.

I think this tour is a great idea, but it needs a bit of "adventure travel" added on. Say a month or two in a North Korean concentration camp, so these Harvard frauds could really live multi-culturalism, and really feel what their leftist affectations lead to when put into practice.

Posted by John Weidner at May 1, 2006 8:15 AM
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