April 15, 2006

San Francisco Stairways #2

I've driven past these steps, at 17th St and Clayton, a thousand times and never stopped. They don't look like they lead anywhere interesting.
SF stair, 17th to Upper Terrace

But I was wrong....

They led me to a cute tiny hilltop park on Upper Terrace, with a mystery monument whose inscription has worn away...
Upper Terrace2
And then to another set of stairs going down the other side...
Upper Terrace3
The whole area's awesomely charming...
SO, am I completely happy? Well, no. What was missing from the picture? Children. I walked about 10 blocks and didn't see a single lost toy, or a child's car-seat in any car.
This sort of thing always leads me to melancholy Blue State meditations. Although in this case it's probably mostly a matter of economics. You gotta be a DINK to be able to afford a house here.

Stair to Upper Terrace map

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