April 4, 2006

They carry medallions in their pockets...

One of the things that pisses me off most, when I think of the Abu Ghraib scandal, is all the phonies and liars who claimed to be "heartbroken," or "So disappointed in America," or "I'm so sad our military has lost its honor" or "this country is not what it used to be."

How do I know they are phonies and liars? Am I just making wild accusations, or do I have evidence? (OF COURSE I have evidence! I ALWAYS have evidence. You read Random J, you get the straight dope, with no BS.)

IF, if if if, those people did, as they claimed, care about America, and about the honor of our military, etc etc., then they would also be looking for the GOOD in America, and the GOOD in our military, and stories like this would recieve wide publicity. This is from The Faith of the American Soldier, by Stephen Mansfield, page 156:

....It worked. Both through the reforms that the military enacted to correct the scandals, and through the proactive ministries of the new chaplains, Abu Ghraib has been transformed. Chaplain Taylor explained that there have been no further abuses and that, in fact, the prison has become a model success story. Attendence at chapel services reaches into the hundreds. Now, many of the soldiers stationed at Abu Ghraib with the 391st [Military Police Battalion, from Columbus, Ohio] carry medallions in their pockets that express their pride in the opportunity to live down the negative stigma of the prison. The slogan on the coin defines their newfound sense of mission. It says simply, "Restoring America's Honor."....

"Restoring America's Honor." Well, you could have predicted it. But they won't get any praise from media or leftiests or "pacifists", because this story doesn't fit the Party Line. And the harpies who gorged on Abu Ghraib don't want America's honor restored. They hate America. When Abu Ghraib hit the news, they swelled up to twice their size, and their eyes glowed, and they made little smacking noises with their lips (metaphorically speaking).

And, by the way, they were also liars and hypocrites when they claimed to feel sorry for the poor prisoners. At the same time the scandal was happening, hundreds of those prisoners were being killed or maimed by mortar attacks on the prison by terrorists. None of the sob-sisters ever mentioned that, or gave the slightest bit of criticism to the terrorists. They never do.

Posted by John Weidner at April 4, 2006 7:07 PM
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