March 6, 2006

Thank you, supremes...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that universities that get federal funds must allow military recruiters on campus, even if their law schools oppose the Pentagon's policy prohibiting openly [sic] gays and lesbians from serving.

The high court upheld as constitutional a federal law dating back to 1994 that allows the government to withhold money from universities that deny military recruiters the same access to campuses given to other employers.

It's about time. The arguments against obeying the law were always ridiculous. No one's right to Free Speech is harmed by having military on campus. And various people may dislike the US policy on gays in the military, but that's no excuse to break the law. And worse than that, to treat us to their phony moral posturing, and still pocket Uncle Sam's cash!

And of course the "gay" argument was always gross hypocrisy. A lie. The opposition to military recruiters was the exactly the same before the policy, and before anyone was even talking about the subject. And those same colleges are happy to accept generous donations from Saudis, or welcome a former Taliban spokesman as a student. Moslem gay-killers are OK. It's just Americans they hate.

And maybe the most repulsive thing about these guys is that they are freeloaders. They know darn well that America's military is going to protect them no matter what they do. They get to enjoy the peace and freedom bought with the blood of heroes, and then turn around and piss on them, and all the while pretend to be morally superior beings . God how I hate those worms.

It's too much to hope for, but I wish the Feds would cut off all funds to those socialist sinkholes, until they start acting like Americans.

Posted by John Weidner at March 6, 2006 7:56 PM
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