February 23, 2006

look at the map.

Dafydd points something out that hasn't received enough attention in the Dubai Ports controversy.

What's our biggest, most dangerous problem in the Middle East? Iran.

Is the problem going to be resolved diplomatically? Not likely.

Is George W Bush the kind of guy who is going to hope the problem goes away, or let some future president inherit it? Even less likely.

So that points to a strong likelihood of some sort of military intervention in the near future.

And Dafydd has a map. And on the map there's a glaringly obvious problem for us. The Persian Gulf, The Gulf or Oman, and especially the Strait of Hormuz. Through which flow much of the world's oil. Here's a more detailed map. Notice which country holds most of the peninsula that forms the strait...

If a problem is looming, then the first item on W's check-list is going to be: UAE ~~give 'em whatever they want...

I wonder what's happening in the Sultanate of Oman these days? They're the other occupants of that peninsula...

Posted by John Weidner at February 23, 2006 1:52 PM
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