February 19, 2006

It's globalization...

The cries of outrage about Dubai Ports World buying the company that runs many big US ports are, I suspect, just plain stupid. I see that a lot of people just haven't actually grasped the reality of globalization.

Dennis has a good post on this:

...In any event, just how does one draw the conclusion that the argument that port security a change in ownership at Peninsular and Oriental from English (read White and Christian) to Dubai Ports World (read Non-White and Muslim) would automatically lead to U.S. ports being overrun by swarthy, gun-toting Arab/Muslim terrorists? Dubai Ports World has already announced the Peninsular and Oriental’s headquarters location (London), management (English) and operations will remain intact. Beyond that, all of Dubai World Ports have received the same independent security certification – International Ship and Port Facility Security – as has Peninsular and Oriental ports....

Those of you who are dreading the thought that A-Rabs are going to have a choke-hold on our sea-borne commerce (confess, you had no idea that the English were running our ports, did you?) just gather around, and I'll show you something. This thing I'm going to show you is called a "link"...wait...here it comes: LINK. Click with your mouse on the link, and you will learn a whole heap about Dubai Ports.

Dubai Ports manages ports in: Australia, Djibouti, India, Romania, Australia, Germany, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Venezuela....Here's another list.

Probably most of the people in those places have no idea that their ports are run by DP, just as New Yorkers have no idea their port is being run by an English company. And they will probably never notice that Dubai has taken over. Why? Because Peninsular and Oriental hired Americans to run the American ports they manage. And DP will do the same, plus they will keep the various Englishmen and other folk of P&O.

How do I know this? Because that's how it's done! DP has to keep local governments happy, if they are going to keep managing ports. So they are not going to fire the locals and bring in guys wearing head-towels. (and BTW, NY's port is partly run by another foreign company, Mærsk. You didn't know that either.)

And they are already working closely with American security. How do I know this? Because that's how it's done! We don't just sit and wait until a ship appears on the horizon to start wondering if it might be a security risk. We work closely with the ports and countries where those ships are coming from. And a lot of those ports are managed by.....DP.

Here's a useful post. (In which a commenter points out that the Chinese are involved in port management on our West coast!)

Posted by John Weidner at February 19, 2006 11:24 PM
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