January 28, 2006

Throwing tantrums...

Doug Williams:

....Every Democrat supporting the Alito filibuster deserves what they're about to get, and I hope they remember it in the coming years. But of course they won't. Their current political philosophy of preference is that of an average three year old: Throw a tantrum when you don't get your way, and whine when the tantrum leads to an even worse outcome. Oh, and the outcome isn't real anyway... elections you don't win are always stolen. Waaahhhhh!! Waaahhhhh!!!

Traditionally the behavior of the current crop of Senate Democrats would have been universally condemned. You don't vote against - let alone filibuster - a superbly qualified judge on the basis that you disagree with future rulings you imagine he or she might make in the future. That's a prescription for a judiciary full of legislative gladhanders and sycophants. It would also make it virtually impossible for a president to appoint judges without his party holding a majority in the Senate. It's not for nothing the most partisan of Senate forbears didn't do what the current Senate Democrats seem intent upon...

...No leftist I have seen has explained the rationale for rejecting Alito - let alone filibustering him - in terms that couldn't be turned against any nominee of a Democratic president in the future....
(Thanks to PoliPundit)

For anyone taking a long-term view--perhaps to the so-far-distant-it's-science-fictiony year 2008--what the Democrats are doing is simply insane. If they are assuming that they have a chance, any chance, at winning the White House in 2008, or 2012, or whenever, then it is crazy to create the precedent that a highly-qualified nominee of some future Democrat president can be blocked just because he or she might make liberal decisions in the future.

The Republicans in 1993 were certainly no pushovers! Yet they voted almost unanimously to confirm Ruth Ginsburg, even though they could not have had much doubt that she would issue future rulings they would detest. And in fact it's been that way all through our history. That the President gets to nominate Federal judges is just a fact of American life.

It's a basic of any democracy that parties have to accept the results of elections, including when you lose. You don't emigrate, or plan a military coup, or blow up the Parliament building. What Dems are doing now is sort of like that.

Posted by John Weidner at January 28, 2006 11:09 AM
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