January 24, 2006

Where's the feminist outrage?

One of the benefits of the War on Terror is the dozens of ways it has been revealing Leftists for the frauds they are. You may not remember, but denouncing the Taliban was a commonplace in leftist/feminist circles before 9/11. But, like commies after the Hitler-Stalin Pact, they changed their minds once being anti-Taliban started looking like being pro-America. Now stories like this are ignored by "feminist" leaders...

Associated Press KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Suspected Taliban gunmen burned down a primary school in Afghanistan's main southern city Sunday, the latest in a spate of attacks against teachers and institutions that educate girls.

No one was hurt in the pre-dawn attacks against the Qabail Primary School in Kandahar, said Hayabullah Rafiqi Othak, Kandahar province's education director.

A group of men tied up two security guards and made bonfires of books and wooden desks that eventually razed the whole building, he said. The school, which was on a two-month vacation, taught some 700 boys and girls.

Dozens of schools have been burned since U.S.-led forces ousted the Taliban in 2001 for sheltering Osama bin Laden. Most of the attacks have come at night and have caused no deaths.

On Tuesday, however, suspected rebels beheaded the headmaster of another coed school in the region.

The Taliban maintains that educating girls is against Islam and also opposes government-funded schools for boys because they teach subjects besides religion...
(Thanks to Jim Miller)

The litany of hypocrisy goes on and on. The biggest environmental crime of our time, the destruction of the Iraqi Marshes, is invisible to "environmentalists!" Enemies who debate the proper way to kill gays are invisible to the fakes who make a big whoop-te-do about the "don't ask don't tell" policy. "Pacifists" care nothing about Iranian threats to nuke Israel...not to mention those "anti-nuclear activists." And those lefty Jewish leaders who claim that fundamentalist Christians are their biggest threat.

Or the liberal "Christian" clergy who are exquisitely sensitive to the feelings of Moslems and communists, but utterly ignore current persecutions of Christians. Or the academics who go on and on about slavery in America, but are indifferent that blacks are being enslaved right now in Sudan...

It's a long list one could compile...

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