January 17, 2006

good example of a bad example...

When you hear the, "Don't execute murderers, just lock them up forever" line, keep this guy in mind:

Allen was sentenced to death in 1982 for orchestrating a triple murder in Fresno in 1980. He had arranged the killings while incarcerated at Folsom State Prison, serving a life sentence for another murder, the newspaper said...[link]


..Two federal judges and the California Supreme Court have rejected motions to bar Allen's execution, which his lawyers say is cruel and unusual punishment because he is so old and ailing...

So, they delayed justice for 25 years, and then have the incredible gall to say he's too old!

I feel an extra animus towards the anti-death penalty crowd because they are so eager to seize on any argument, no matter how dishonest. If Allen had got off on some legal technicality, they would be crowing that "An innocent man was on Death Row!" In fact it's almost certainly very rare that any innocent person is condemned to death, because most of them are habitual criminals, known to cops and prosecutors. They are not "innocent," even if they didn't so what they were convicted of.

More importantly, ANY large undertaking is going to kill or maim some innocent people. If you build a big hospital, it is statistically likely that someone will be killed, either a construction worker, or by a traffic accident due to construction barriers Or some old person, evicted from their home, will go into a decline and die. And many other harms will be done as well. To repeat, ANY large undertaking is going to kill or maim some innocent people. The argument that "innocent people may be killed" is utterly bogus. The anti-death penalty movement is killing innocent people, by undermining our efforts to fight crime. And probably the reason Allen was left alive after his first conviction was due to that movement. The opponents of the death penalty killed those three innocent people!

I think the only valid argument against the death penalty is that it is spiritually harmful to us as a people to kill. And I think the exact opposite is true. I think the antis are mostly a part of the larger argument, that we should not believe in our laws or our culture or our nation enough to fight for them. That we should not fight terrorism, or Communism, or crime. Should not fight for traditional morality. And should not fight for freedom.

Posted by John Weidner at January 17, 2006 9:31 AM
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