January 16, 2006

The real gulag...

When leftists harp on the poor prisoners of Guantanamo (who suffer problems like gaining too much weight) it's good to remember the real gulag in Cuba. Keep stories like this in mind when liberal frauds tell you how wonderful life is away from evil capitalist America:

...Dr Biscet was detained on December 6, 2002 for organising informal discussion meetings for the ‘Friends of Human Rights’ groups he was trying to establish. He was later sentenced to 25 years in prison along with scores of other human rights and democracy activists in a major crackdown on dissidents in March 2003.

He has been confined in a punishment cell for long periods of time over the past two years, has been denied food at times, and his health has suffered enormously. This most recent detention came just one month after he had completed a three-year prison sentence for his human rights and pro-democracy activities.

Many more dissidents remain in prison, including Jorge Luis Garcia Perez or ‘Antúnez’, who is another prisoner supported by CSW. He has been in prison since 1990, and like many others, has very serious health problems....

The link was from Amy Welborn. And she adds this, from the reader who sent her the link:

However, there is much more to this story than the fact that he has courageously opposed the regime throughout his life. Three years ago, I escorted his wife (Elsa Morejon) around Capitol Hill in an effort to raise awareness in Washington of the ongoing persecution of those who dare to demand freedom. But during a meeting with sympathetic members of Congress, Morejon revealed that one of the reasons her husband was sent to the gulag the first time was that he refused to perform abortions for the teenage girls Castro uses as part of the sex-tourism industry in Cuba. Biscet is a devout Catholic, and recognized by Amnesty International as a Prisoner of Conscience. He should be the Mandela of our day, but sadly few people outside of the Cuban American community have ever heard of him. Now more than ever an international outcry is needed to let the world know of Biscet's struggle. At the very least, this man needs our prayers.

Among the many many reasons to be bitter about the way leftists cover up the evils in Cuba, is the lack of protest from so-called "feminists" about the exploitation of women there. I guess a "sex-tourism industry" is OK, as long as it's supporting a communist government. They do it "for the children."

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