January 13, 2006

al Qaeda's Algerian affiliate...

One additional item to add to the previous post, another reason they aren't going to report the story:

...The three Algerians arrested in Italy were members of the GSPC, al Qaeda's Algerian affiliate. Thanks to Steve Hayes's reporting, we now know that large numbers of GSPC members - specifically - were trained in Iraq prior to the war. Coincidentally, the GSPC is now one of Europe's most major problems. Plots involving the GSPC have been uncovered in Spain, France, and Italy. Additional members have been arrested in Germany...(Thanks to PowerLine)

I'm sure you are all aware that we are now discovering that Saddam's support and training of terrorists was far more extensive than we guessed. (If you don't know, read here.)

Leftists/Democrats/pacifists/news-media don't want you to know this. Because this is just one more reason, among many, why President Bush was correct to make the Iraq Campaign the centerpiece of the War on Terror. And why the frauds and hypocrites who are sabotaging their country in time of war should be driven out of public life.

Posted by John Weidner at January 13, 2006 7:14 AM
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