January 8, 2006

"a bid to outdo"

Nick Danger at Redstate:

...You would think that the arrest of terrorists planning to "outdo 9/11" would warrant some news coverage in the United States, but that's not what the editors at your Ministry of Truth decided...

...If you're a regular reader of Turkish Press or Geo in Pakistan, you already know that on December 23,
Three Algerians arrested in an anti-terrorist operation in southern Italy are suspected of being linked to a planned new series of attacks in the United States, Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said Friday.

The attacks would have targeted ships, stadiums or railway stations in a bid to outdo the September 11, 2001 strikes by Al-Qaeda in New York and Washington which killed some 2,700 people, Pisanu said.
But if you have been relying on the U.S. media to warn you about things like this, you haven't heard anything about it....
Just ducky. So glad the mainstream media are protecting us. Not only do they protect us by deciding what the Constitution means, what secret intelligence should be published, what news from Iraq is too good misleading...not only that, but they are PROTECTING US FROM OURSELVES!

Obviously, if we knew that terrorists were planning to "outdo 9/11," the resulting panics would leave millions of us little Lemmings trampled or crushed, and anyone wearing a turban would be instantly lynched...and even worse, we would be likely to support the extremist Bush Administration, and let that crazed right-winger Judge Alito onto the Court...

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