January 5, 2006

Sickness 2

From Robin Burk at Winds of Change:

...What story is that? Only that a pack of about 30 'youths' - specifically, young men apparently from the banlieus and at least in part of north African (Moroccan) descent - got on a train at Nice and proceeded to rob, beat and sexually assault passengers.

The French police arrived at the Les Arcs station but refused to enter the train because no formal complaint had been lodged. Passengers were afraid of retaliation so did not complain formally. One person who was at the station says the 20 year old female was sexually assaulted - from the wording, it would appear "gang raped" - while the authorities waited outside.

I'll wait while you digest that. An eyewitness says that the police DID NOT INTERVENE while a young woman was gangraped by these thugs, because they'd didn't have a formal complaint.

Have your breath back yet? Okay let's go on....

Passengers outnumbered the youths 20 to 1, but not one intervened or fought back, either to protect themselves or the young woman being assaulted. That might be due to the death threats screamed by the gangs at those who called police on their cell phones.

However, according to No Pasaran reader Andre Thiele, who was at the station, the authorities DID hasten to remove all evidence of the event from the station and no French media outlet carried the story until a German paper broke it later..(thanks toRand).

This is where they want us to go too. Who? The sludge-brains who vote "Democrat" and listen to NPR and think liberating Iraq was evil but 9/11 is something we ought to forget. The meat-heads who tell us that "European Culture" is so superior to coarse crude America. They won't admit it, but that's the path they are pushing us onto.

And those lovely folks who bring us gun control. Europe is far advanced over nasty horrid America in that regard, so none of the "youths" had to worry about some gal pulling a Glock out of her pocketbook and sending him off to Allah. That's what they want for us..

And the superior beings who bring us fake pacifism. Have you noticed that there have been other stories from the cultured Old World lately, about police not tackling dangerous bad guys? You think that has no connection with armies that don't ever fight? And with "peacekeeping" forces that stand by while massacres occur? Think again. It's the same thing! It's pacifism. (Or rather, the modern lefty pacifism that only gets aroused to stop pro-American or pro-democracy wars.) And the selfless courage of our firemen rushing into the burning WTC comes from the exact same place of the spirit as the courage and ferocity of our soldiers fighting for freedom right now in Ramadi--and both are under attack from leftists, and both are seemingly dead in France.

And Robin has one more point:

I will ask what I've asked before here at Winds of Change: where is the outrage by western feminists about the rape of young women by gangs of young men coming from immigrant and at least culturally, if not actively religiously, muslim backgrounds???????

There won't be any outrage. Rape is bad when committed by white males of non-muslim background. They must be punished severely. In all other cases, why, toleration is the most important virtue, don't you know? And we mustn't criticize other cultures--that would be racist. And complaining might help Bush and Republicans..better to endure a few rapes (while denouncing white patriarchal culture as oppressive to women.) And criticizing Muslims can be dangerous! Just give them what they want, and maybe they will go away.

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