January 5, 2006

Who decided this???

PowerLine quotes this, from an interview with James Risen:

..."The checks and balances that normally keep American foreign policy and national security policy toward the center kind of broke down. You had more of a radicalization, in which the career professionals were not really given a chance to forge a consensus within the administration. The principals -- Rumsfeld, Cheney Tenet and Rice -- were meeting constantly, setting policy and never allowing the experts, the people who understand the region to have a say...

Heaps of questions pop into my mind:

  • Define "normally." (Just wondering, living as I do among millions of people who define "normal" as "liberal Democrats run everything.")
  • Those "checks and balances?" Somehow I suspect that Risen and his information-providers consider themselves check-ers, and are going to howl with outrage when the Grand Jury starts treating them as check-ees. And I'm going to laugh.
  • The "center:" Where IS this wise and beneficent center? Hmmm? Why do I suspect it's the table around which the NYT editorial board meets?
  • The "center" pt 2: WHO decided that we are supposed to be in the "center?" When was that law passed?
  • Those "people who understand the region?" Are they maybe people who have a lot invested in the status quo, and much to lose if the region changes?...including maybe their high-paid retirement to a Saudi-funded 'think tank?" Their pals in ruling elites? Their entree with the polished people who keep the rabble under control? (For their own good of course, since "the people who understand the region" know that they are not "ready" for democracy.)
  • "The principals." They came in because of one of those election thingies--that's bad, right?
  • "Never allowed...to have a say." Well that would sound dreadful, if we hadn't spent the last four years listening to liberals claim they've been "silenced, suppressed, censored, marginalized..." when in fact the country has heard them loud and clear---and rejected them!
My guess is that the leakers had their say, but didn't get their way. Which of course, releases them from petty restrictions like secrecy laws or loyalty to country... Posted by John Weidner at January 5, 2006 8:08 AM
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