December 28, 2005

The pattern of our times...

This is becoming the pattern of our times. That is, finding out, years or decades after the brouhaha, that the "innocent martyrs" being defended by leftists were guilty, and their defenders knew it.

Now we find out that Sacco and Vanzetti were guilty as hell! And their famous lefty defender knew it, when he led the popular crusade to free them. A letter by Upton Sinclair has been discovered, where he says that the defense attorney told him the men were guilty and their alibis were framed by him. Apparently Sinclair felt a bit conflicted about writing a novel in which they were innocent, but decided the "cause" was more important than truth.

The cause is socialism, and the lie is always that the United States (or some other free and democratic country) is a place of cruel injustice. And the lie will live on. Don't expect history textbooks to have little errata slips pasted in, explaining that chapter 12 on the Red Scare of the 1920's is no longer correct. Your children, and probably your grandchildren, will go on learning that America is a place of injustice...

Betsy Newmark writes: ...So, of course he decided to stay silent and let his public and allies all go on thinking that two innocent men had been put to death. Apparently, his position among other like-thinking leftists and his readers was more important.

This isn't the last time that leftist intellectuals have rallied to the cause of someone they feel has been unjustly sentenced by the government. Think of Alger Hiss.
Jim Bass is thinking about the Free Mumia movement. And, of course, witness the latest brouhaha over Tookie Williams. The pattern of guilt being secondary to the political outcry and demagoguery continues...

If you've forgotten Alger Hiss, he was the poster-boy for the "injustices" of the 1950's red scare. You know, "McCarthyism." But now we are finding out interesting stuff, as the archives of the Soviet Union become available. And it turns out that Hiss was a spy for Stalin, and was working to impose Stalin's tyranny on the US. And it turns out that a lot of other "innocent victims," such as many of the Hollywood lefties who were black-listed, were guilty as hell.

And we need to keep hammering on this stuff. Not just "refuting" lies, but kicking these people in the face over and over. Cramming the truth down their throats.

Because the sort of leftists who recently rallied to Tookie are liars, and care nothing for truth--or Tookie. (Which you can easily observe from the lack of lefties rallying to another black man on Death Row, one who is arguably the victim of injustice.)

Posted by John Weidner at December 28, 2005 10:36 AM
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