December 26, 2005

It's OK to lie if you're saving the Earth...

NewsBusters has a piece I found funny (and pathetic) about the Today Show accompanying a piece on drilling in ANWR with pictures of lovely snow-capped peaks. Trouble is, the area of proposed drilling is an ugly featureless coastal plain. ANWR has 19 million acres, most of which no one is even suggesting be touched.. And the flat coastal area is 1.5 million acres, of which only 2,000 can be disturbed under the current bill!

If the public could actually see ANWR, perhaps from orbit, and then have pointed out to them the tiny boring smidgeon to be drilled in, they would laugh the environmentalist wackos to scorn. Hence the pretty pictures.

* Update: Here's a map, showing it all to scale. The line called TAPS is the pipeline, which went right across the state without hurting the wildlife.) Posted by John Weidner at December 26, 2005 9:46 PM
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